Ohh-ya, ohh-ya, ohh-ya, givin’ a jig everything I hear every single time. It’s a hotter sorta of match of an individual kind. It’s a matter of having something to believe, realising when the trips are there you got to be in the win ya’ll. You won’t believe the things we can do, all the things we do with our body. We do believe that we can still do one. It’s just a matter of faith. Growing up ahead and kickin’ burn with it like fire. If only no one there, I could have all my heart desires. So I worked hard and nana, here to do my best. It’s a special sort of feeling putting my mind into the test, yeah. In looking for the thing, now with honesty I say, then without determination there wouldn't be a way. So holding your head up, Riharna that’s a kick. We give it all and when we do it’s with integrity...sing! The New Zealand Warriors are based in Auckland, New Zealand and were founded back in 1995. Their team colours are blue, green, white and red. Unfortunately, the New Zealand Warriors are yet to win a premiership but were runners up in 2002 and 2011. They also have an NRL Women’s team, which was founded back in 2020. What better way to show your support than by checking out our huge range of New Zealand Warriors merchandise here at Footy Plus More at the New Zealand Warriors shop. 


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