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We are the suns of the Gold Coast sky, we are one in the red, gold and blue. We are the mighty Gold Coast Suns. We play to win the flag for you. Fight! Fight! Fight! Till we hold up the cup. Run, run, run all the way. Hey, we are the suns of the Gold Coast sky. We're the team who never say die! The Gold Coast Suns was founded back in 2009 and made their AFL debut in 2011. They also have an AFL Women’s team. Being a new team, they are yet to win a premiership, but try their luck each and every year. The Gold Coast Suns shop at Footy Plus More is the place to go for all things Gold Coast Suns. 

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We have a huge range of official AFL merchandise to see you through this AFL season and cheer on the Suns!


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Ever Wondered What You're Missing in the AFL World?

Imagine a place where the spirit of AFL and the passion for the Gold Coast Suns converge. That's Footy Plus More - a haven for fans who eat, sleep, and breathe football. If you've never slipped on a Gold Coast Suns jersey or felt the pride of owning Gold Coast Suns merchandise, you might just be missing out on a key part of the Australian Football League experience. But don't worry, we're here to change that!

The Gold Coast Suns Story: Rising from the Shores

The Gold Coast Suns, a team that rose from the sandy shores of Queensland in 2009, marked their AFL debut in 2011. Though young, their journey is marked by undying resolve and passion. Each game is a testament to their fighting spirit, and though the elusive premiership title hasn't been clinched yet, their determination only grows stronger with each season.

Your Premier Guernsey Destination: The Suns Shop

The Gold Coast Suns shop at Footy Plus More isn't just a store; it's a portal to the heart of the game. Here, every purchase is a step closer to the team, a way to live and breathe the spirit of the Suns, from the thunderous stadiums to the comfort of your living room. 

Unparalleled Gold Coast Suns Merchandise 

Our range of merchandise is meticulously curated to cater to every fan's needs. Whether it's game day or any day, our products ensure you're always in the Suns' spirit.

Stay Warm and Cheer Loud With Our Jumpers

Our collection includes everything from beanies to scarves, ensuring that you stay warm and spirited, no matter the weather. Looking for a football for a friendly match? We've got that too! 

Summer Essentials for the Sunny Gold Coast 

Embrace the sunny vibes of the Gold Coast with Footy Plus More's exclusive range of Suns-themed summer essentials. Our collection is tailor-made for those glorious beach days and balmy evenings. Picture yourself lounging on the soft sands with our vibrant Gold Coast Suns beach towels. Crafted from high-quality, absorbent material, they're not just towels; they're a statement of your team pride. And for those sun-drenched afternoons, keep your drinks cool and your spirit hot with our stylish Suns-themed stubby holders.  

These practical yet spirited accessories are perfect for beach picnics, backyard barbecues, or simply enjoying the game on a warm summer evening. Our range combines functionality with enthusiasm, ensuring you're always ready to show your support for the Suns, whether you're by the sea or in your backyard.

Gifts That Every Suns Fan Dreams Of

Finding the perfect gift for a die-hard Suns supporter has never been easier. From bottle openers to travel mugs, the range in our SUNS SHOP is designed to bring joy to any supporter. 

Suns Spirit in Every Aspect of Life

Why stop at the game? With our extensive range of merchandise, you can show your support for the Suns in every aspect of your life, be it your home, office, or even your car.

More Than Just a Gold Coast Shop: Footy Plus More

At Footy Plus More, we're more than just a retail store; we're a community that lives and breathes AFL. We stand for the spirit of the game and the connection it fosters among fans. 

Hassle-Free Shopping with Great Perks 

Enjoy FREE shipping across Australia for orders over $129, and a flat rate of $9.95 for smaller orders. Our Gold Coast shop, open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, are welcoming hubs for fans, but if you like to shop from the comfort of your home, our online store is always open.

Choosing Footy Plus More: A Silent Tribute to Quality and Passion

A Comparison Without Words: Our Silent Promise 

In the world of AFL merchandise, actions speak louder than words. At Footy Plus More, our commitment is reflected in the quality of our products and services. We don't just sell merchandise; we offer an experience, a piece of the team's spirit. 

Empowered Shopping: Informed, Confident Choices 

We believe in empowering our customers with clear, honest information. This means no hidden catches, just a straightforward, enjoyable shopping experience of our premium Gold Coast Suns Jersey. 

A Connection Beyond Transactions 

We're not here to just sell; we're here to connect. Our content is crafted to resonate with you, the fans. We steer clear of complexity and focus on what truly matters – your passion, your team, your joy.

Bringing the Game Closer to You

Our mission is simple: to bring the game and its spirit closer to you. Whether you're watching from the stands or your couch or celebrating a win with friends, we're there with you, in spirit and in merchandise. 

Diversity and Inclusion: For Every Fan 

AFL is a game for everyone, and so is our store. We cater to fans of all ages, backgrounds, and sizes. Our Gold Coast Suns merchandise range is diverse, just like the AFL community, ensuring there's something for every kind of Suns fan.

Sustainability: Caring for Our Planet

We're not just about football; we're about the future too. Our approach to sustainability means we're constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint, ensuring that our love for the game doesn't come at the planet's expense. 

Community Engagement: More Than Just Business 

Footy Plus More is deeply embedded in the community. We engage in various initiatives to support local teams, events, and charities. For us, it's about giving back to the community that has given us so much.

Your Feedback: Shaping Our Future

We value your feedback. It's the cornerstone of our improvement. Every suggestion, review, or comment is an opportunity for us to serve you better. 

Join us at Footy Plus More, and become a part of something bigger than just a fan base. Embrace the spirit of our Gold Coast Suns Shop and make every day a game day. Whether you're a lifelong fan or just beginning your AFL journey, we're here to make it memorable. Let's celebrate the spirit of AFL together – visit us today and become part of the ever-growing Gold Coast Suns family!