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Well there's a big, big sound, from the West of the town. It's the sound of the mighty GIANTS. You feel the ground a-shaking, the other teams are quaking in their boots before the GIANTS. We take the longest strides and the highest leap. We're stronger than the rest. We're the Greater Western Sydney GIANTS. The Greater Western Sydney Giants known as GWS or the Giants, started their AFL debut in 2012. They were fortunate enough to enter the finals in 2016 and secured a grand final spot in 2019, but the Richmond Tigers took out the win. Their AFLW team also began in 2017. The GWS Giants shop at Footy Plus More is the place to go for all things GWS Giants! 

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We have a huge range of official AFL merchandise to see you through this AFL season and cheer on the Giants. 


GWS Giants Shop


Step into the Giants' Arena: Are You Game?

Footy Plus More is where the AFL's enthusiasm and the GWS Giants might blend to create an unparalleled experience. Ever wondered if there's more to the AFL season than just watching the games? It's time to discover the answer at the Giants store – a haven for fans who live and breathe their team's spirit.

The Giants' Journey: From Underdogs to Titans

In 2012, the AFL landscape was forever changed with the introduction of the Greater Western Sydney Giants. Known affectionately as GWS or the Giants, this team has defied expectations, powering into the finals in 2016 and reaching the pinnacle of the grand final in 2019. Their AFLW team, starting their journey in 2017, mirrors this resilience and strength. The GWS shop at Footy Plus More celebrates these milestones and more.

The Epicenter of Giants' Pride: GWS Giants Shop

Here at the GWS Giants shop, we don't just sell merchandise; we offer a piece of the Giants' legacy. Every item is a testament to the team's journey, echoing their strength, tenacity, and unity. 

A Treasure Trove of GWS Giants Merchandise 

Our extensive collection caters to every fan's dream. Whether cheering from the stands or showcasing your loyalty in everyday life, our range has everything you need.

Gear for All Seasons and Reasons

At Footy Plus More, we recognise that the spirit of a Giants fan isn't confined to game days alone. That's why our GWS shop offers a versatile range of apparel to suit every season and reason. Beyond the essential game-day gear like spirited beanies and iconic guernseys, our collection extends to include everyday items such as comfortable hoodies and stylish scarves.  

These pieces are perfect for showing your Giants pride, whether you're at the game, out with friends, or just going about your day. Our diverse selection ensures that you're always ready to display your loyalty in any setting, making every day an opportunity to celebrate your team.

Gifts that Resonate with Giants Spirit

Finding the right gift for a dedicated GWS fan has never been easier, thanks to the GWS giants shop at Footy Plus More. Our shop is filled with one-of-a-kind goods that perfectly embody the spirit of the Greater Western Sydney Giants. From vibrant beach towels that make a statement on sandy shores, to practical drink bottles and stylish backpacks perfect for everyday use, each item in our collection is infused with the Giants spirit. 

 These gifts are more than just merchandise; they're a way to bring a piece of the team's heart and soul into the lives of fans, making them ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion where you want to celebrate your love for the team.

Party with the Giants: Unique Celebration Essentials

Our GWS-themed party supplies, including the exclusive edible cake icing and napkin packs, will surely be a hit. They're perfect for adding that particular Giants touch to any celebration.

Extend Your Giants Support Beyond the Game

We believe that being a fan is a lifestyle. Hence, our range extends to every aspect of life, from home decor to travel accessories, all imbued with the Giants spirit.

More Than a Giants Store: A Community Hub

Footy Plus More transcends the traditional concept of a retail store. We are a focal point for fans, a place where the spirit of AFL and community converge.

Free Shipping and Seamless Shopping Experience

With FREE shipping on orders over $129 across Australia and a nominal rate of $9.95 for smaller orders, shopping is a breeze. We welcome you every day to visit our real locations, but for those who would rather shop online, we are only a click away.

The Footy Plus More Difference: Commitment to Quality and Authenticity

A Pledge to Excellence 

Our unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity at our GWS shop is what sets us apart. We don't just provide merchandise; we offer an experience, a connection to the Giants' story. 

Simplified, Transparent Shopping 

We champion clear, straightforward information. Our goal is to ensure that when you shop with us, you are making informed decisions and confident in the quality and authenticity of your purchases.

A Connection That Goes Beyond Transactions

Our relationship with our customers is built on more than just transactions. We strive to create content that resonates, connects, and engages with you on a deeper level. 

Bringing the Giants Closer to You 

Our goal is to bring the game and its spirit closer to you, and it is simple yet profound. Whether you're cheering at the stadium or celebrating a win at home, we are there with you in spirit and merchandise.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

The AFL is a sport that embraces all, and so do we. Our Giants shop caters to fans from all walks of life, making sure that everyone can find something that resonates with their love for the Giants. 

Sustainable Practices for a Greener Future 

Our commitment extends beyond the game to the planet. Our commitment to sustainable techniques means that the environment won't suffer as a result of our passion for AFL.

Giving Back to the Community

Our roots are strongly planted in the community. We actively support local teams, events, and charitable causes, reflecting our philosophy of giving back. 

Your Feedback: The Cornerstone of Our Evolution

Your feedback is invaluable to us. It guides our efforts to improve and better serve you. We welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and reviews.

Join the Giants' Legion at Footy Plus More

Step into a world where your passion for the GWS Giants is celebrated and shared. At Footy Plus More, whether you are a seasoned fan or new to the AFL, you will find a community that shares your enthusiasm and a range of merchandise that lets you express it. Embrace the spirit of the Giants in every aspect of your life. Visit our Giants store today and immerse yourself in the world of the Greater Western Sydney Giants – a world where every day is game day!