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We are the pride of Brisbane town, we wear maroon, blue and gold. We will always fight for victory, like Fitzroy and the Bears of old. All for one and one for all, we will answer to the call. Go Lions, Brisbane Lions, we’ll kick the winning score. You’ll hear our mighty roar! The Brisbane Lions formed in 1996 and were formerly known as the Fitzroy Lions & Brisbane Bears. They were very fortunate to win three AFL premierships in a row from 2001 to 2003 and their loyal following of fans hope to see many more wins in the future. The Brisbane Lions shop at Footy Plus More is the place to go for all things Brisbane Lions. 

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We have a huge range of official AFL merchandise to see you through this AFL season and cheer on the Lions. 

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Are You Ready to Roar with the Lions?

Have you ever wondered if your support for the Brisbane Lions could be more vibrant and visible? Imagine wearing your pride not just on game day but every day. At Footy Plus More, our Brisbane Lions shop isn't just about merchandise; it's about a lifestyle, a community, and a way to express your undying support for the team.

A Legacy Woven in Maroon, Blue, and Gold

The Rich History of the Brisbane Lions 

Tracing back to their inception in 1996, the Brisbane Lions, born from the fusion of Fitzroy Lions and the Brisbane Bears, have carved a niche in the AFL world. Celebrating their three consecutive premierships, our Brisbane Lions store offers more than just products; we offer a piece of this glorious history.

From the Stands to the Streets: Lions Gear for Every Fan

Diverse Range of Brisbane lions merchandise: 

Our range includes everything from Brisbane Lions jerseys to home decor. Each item in our collection serves as a discussion starter, fostering connections with other enthusiasts and preserving the essence of the game.

Gifts That Roar with Pride

Unique Brisbane Lions Merch for Every Occasion 

Are you looking for that perfect gift? How about a Brisbane Lions jumper or a garden gnome with a twist? Our variety ensures you'll find something for every type of fan, from the die-hard supporter to the casual follower.

The Guernsey That Binds Us

The Iconic Brisbane Lions Jersey 

Our Brisbane Lions jersey and jumpers collection is a symbol of unity and passion. Each Guernsey is more than just attire; it's a badge of honour, a way to show you're part of Lion's pride.

Jumpers: More Than Just Clothing

Embrace the Game with Brisbane Lions Jumpers 

A Brisbane Lions jumper is a must-have for any fan. It's not just a piece of clothing; it's a part of your identity, a way to wear your heart on your sleeve – quite literally.

A Store That Celebrates Your Fandom

Brisbane Lions Store – A Haven for Fans 

Our Brisbane Lions store is designed to be your one-stop destination for all Lions merchandise. Whether it's decking out your home or car, we have something to show your support in every aspect of your life.

The Unmatched Footy Plus More Experience

Why Footy Plus More Stands Out 

At Footy Plus More, our focus is on providing an unmatched shopping experience. From free shipping to a wide range of products, we ensure that every Brisbane Lions fan feels valued and catered to.

Quality and Authenticity in Brisbane Lions Merchandise

When it comes to supporting the Brisbane Lions, the quality and authenticity of your gear are paramount. At Footy Plus More, we pride ourselves on offering officially licensed Brisbane Lions merchandise, ensuring that every item you purchase is a genuine emblem of your team spirit. From the fabric of the Brisbane Lions jerseys to the craftsmanship of the Brisbane Lions jumpers, each item is created to meet the highest standards.  

This means durable materials that stand up to cheering in the stands and everyday wear, vibrant colours that reflect the team's iconic palette, and designs that are true to the Brisbane Lions brand. Choose authentic, choose quality – because your team spirit deserves the best.

Bring the Game Home

Decorate Your Space with Brisbane Lions Flair 

Don't just wear your team spirit – live in it! Transform your home into a Brisbane Lions haven with our exclusive range of themed home decor. Every piece in our collection, from eye-catching wall art honouring memorable occasions to cosy cushions with the Lions' emblem, is made to bring the team's brilliant colours and dynamic spirit into your living area.  

Imagine sipping your morning coffee in a kitchen decked out in maroon, blue, and gold, or cosying up in a lounge adorned with Lions memorabilia. Our Brisbane Lions home decor range offers a unique way to keep the spirit of the game alive in every corner of your home, making every day feel like game day.

For the Little Lions Fans

Brisbane Lions Gear for the Young Fans 

We haven't forgotten the little ones. Our collection includes Brisbane Lions toddler Guernseys and other fun items that make the perfect gift for the young Lions fan in your life.

Wear Your Pride on the Road

Brisbane Lions Car Accessories 

Show the world your Lions pride even when you're on the move with our extensive collection of Brisbane Lions car accessories. From eye-catching bumper stickers that declare your loyalty to stylish seat covers that infuse your car's interior with a dash of team enthusiasm, we have it all.  

Whether you’re driving to the game or just around town, these accessories are perfect for making a statement. Durable, stylish, and unmistakably branded with the Lions' colours and logo, they're an ideal way to ensure your car stands out and all see your support for the team. With these accessories, every drive becomes a chance to display your passion for the Brisbane Lions.

Office and Leisure Brisbane Lions Merch

Transform your workspace with Brisbane Lions office supplies, or hit the beach with our Lions-themed leisure gear. Our merchandise is designed to fit into every aspect of your life.

Join the Roaring Community of Brisbane Lions Supporters

You are a member of a community at Footy Plus More in addition to being a customer. Engage with other supporters and experience the excitement of the match together.

The Footy Plus More Promise

Our Commitment to Every Brisbane Lions Fan 

Our promise is to provide you with merchandise and a way to deepen your connection with the Brisbane Lions. We are committed to quality, variety, and the true spirit of the AFL. 

We know that being a fan involves more than just watching sports at Footy Plus More. It's about sharing in the highs and lows as a member of a community and lending your support wherever you can. Whether it's through a Brisbane Lions jersey, jumper, or even a quirky gnome, we're here to help you express your passion. So, come join us at our Brisbane Lions shop, and let's keep the Lions' roar echoing in every corner of your life!