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Oh when the Saints, go marching in, oh when the Saints go marching in, oh how I want to be with St Kilda. When the Saints go marching in! The Saints were founded in 1873. They currently train in Moorabbin and were also based there from 1965 - 2010. Winners of only one premiership in 1966, they have unfortunately missed out a few grand final wins over the years, but that hasn’t stopped their loyal fans cheering them on through thick and thin. Looking for some St Kilda merchandise? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Footy Plus More, we have all things St Kilda at our Saints shop. 

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We have a huge range of official AFL merchandise to see you through this AFL season and cheer on the Saints. 

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Ever Felt Like the Odd One Out on Game Day?

Imagine the game is on, and everyone around you is clad in their team's colours, buzzing with excitement. Do you feel left out? At Footy Plus More, we believe every fan should be part of the action. With our wide range of St Kilda merch, you'll never feel like an outsider again.

St Kilda Saints Shop: A Legacy of Passion

Since 1873, St Kilda Saints have carved out a place in the hearts of AFL fans. Our St Kilda merchandise isn't just clothing and accessories; it's a piece of this storied history. Every item is a nod to the Saints' enduring spirit.

Online AFL Saints Shop: Bringing the Game to You

Busy schedule? No worries! Our St Kilda shop online ensures you don't miss out on showing your support. Whether you're lounging at home or cheering from afar, our digital storefront is open for you, anytime and anywhere.

The Power of the St Kilda Jersey

Pulling on a St Kilda jersey is transformative. It's not just fabric and stitching; it's an armor of pride and unity. Our collection ranges from vintage designs to the latest styles, ensuring every fan finds their perfect match.

Saints Merchandise for Every Season and Reason

Our St Kilda merchandise is designed for every occasion. Whether it's game day or a casual outing, our apparel ensures you carry the Saints' spirit with you. And it's not just about clothing – our merchandise extends to every aspect of your life.

Home is Where the Saints Are

Why stop at clothing? Extend your fandom to every corner of your life. Our range of Saints-themed home and lifestyle products ensures your home resonates with the energy and pride of St Kilda.

Perfect Gifts for the Saints Family

Finding the right gift for a Saints fan has never been easier. Our store offers many options, from practical everyday items to unique memorabilia. Whether it's for a birthday or just a special treat, you're sure to find something that screams St Kilda.

Footy Plus More: A Hub for Saints Fans

At Footy Plus More, we pride ourselves on being much more than just a retail store – we're a vibrant community hub for all St Kilda fans. Whether you're looking for the latest St Kilda jersey or just want to soak in the Saints' atmosphere, our friendly staff and welcoming environment make every visit special. 

You can locate exactly what you need with the least hassle thanks to our online store's easy navigation design.

We strive to provide a seamless shopping experience, both in-store and online, making every interaction with us enjoyable and memorable. Join us and be part of a community where every fan's passion for the Saints is celebrated.

Exclusive Saints Memorabilia: Own a Piece of History

Our exclusive range of memorabilia is a treasure trove for the avid collector. From signed jerseys and jumpers to limited edition items, these are pieces that tell stories, spark conversations, and are a testament to your dedication as a fan.

Kids' Corner: Raising the Next Generation of Saints Fans

Our kids' range ensures that the youngest fans are not left out. With a variety of child-friendly merchandise like mini footballs, beach towels, and school gear, we help you nurture their fandom from an early age.

A Wardrobe of Pride: Apparel for Every Fan

Our apparel isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling part of something greater. Our range of T-shirts, hoodies, and accessories are designed to suit every age, size, and style preference, keeping you connected to the Saints no matter where you are.

Make Every Day a Game Day

Why wait for match day to show your support? With our Saints-themed everyday items, from coffee mugs to keychains, you can make every day feel like game day. Showcase your allegiance in the office, on your commute, or even during your morning coffee ritual.

St Kilda Style for Your Home

Transform your living space into a Saint's heaven. Our home decor range, including kitchenware, bedding, and bathroom sets, means your home can reflect your passion, too. Imagine a Saints-themed soap dispenser or toothbrush holder – talk about dedication!

The Ultimate Fan Cave

Dream of a dedicated space for your fandom? Our range of garage and car accessories allows you to create your own Saints shrine. Deck out your car with St Kilda decals, or turn your garage into a mini fan-zone.

Work Desk Warriors: Saints Style

Bring a touch of Saints pride to your workplace. Our range of desk accessories, like St Kilda-themed stationery and computer accessories, will subtly show off your allegiance, even in the most formal environments.

Footy Plus More: Beyond Shopping

We believe in creating experiences. From the moment you step into our store or visit our website, you embark on a journey of discovery and connection with like-minded fans. We commit to making every interaction with us a highlight of your day.

Join Us for the March to Glory

Are you ready to take your fandom to new heights? Visit Footy Plus More today and immerse yourself in the ultimate Saints experience. Whether you choose to step into our physical store or browse our online St Kilda shop, we promise an adventure in every click and step. Our shelves and digital aisles are lined with an array of St Kilda merch that's not just merchandise, but a ticket to an exhilarating and complete Saints journey.

Being a fan is a commitment that goes beyond just game-day cheers. It's about carrying the spirit of St Kilda with you every single day. It's about waking up, choosing to wear your passion, and turning every occasion into a celebration of the Saints' spirit. Our collection is designed not just to meet your fan needs but to infuse your daily life with the essence of St Kilda's legacy.

So, are you ready to make every day a celebration of St Kilda's spirit? Are you prepared to embody the heart and soul of the Saints in every walk of life? Join us at Footy Plus More, and let's march together towards glory. Whether it's through our exclusive merch or our unparalleled shopping experience, we're here to ensure your journey with the Saints is nothing short of extraordinary.

Let's turn every day into a testament to St Kilda's enduring spirit.