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See the Bombers fly up, up! To win the premiership flag, our boys who play this grand old game, are always striving for glory and fame! See the bombers fly up, up. The other teams they don't fear, they all try their best, but they can't get near. As the bombers fly up! The Essendon Bombers, also well known as the Bombers, were formed back in 1872. The Bombers are one of the most well-known AFL teams throughout Australia, having won a massive 16 premierships over the years ranging from 1897 - 2000. Like the Carlton Blues, they hold the most premierships in the AFL. The Bombers shop at Footy Plus More is the place to go for all things Essendon Bombers. 

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We have a huge range of official AFL merchandise to see you through this AFL season and cheer on the Bombers!


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Ever Dreamed of Being More Than Just a Spectator at an AFL Game?

Introducing Essendon Bombers Shop at Footy Plus More, where your AFL dreams become a reality! Here, being a fan is about living the excitement, breathing the passion, and wearing your pride. Our Bomber Shop is not just a store; it's a portal to the pulsating heart of AFL.

We offer an unrivalled range of Essendon merchandise, each item crafted to bring you closer to the team you love. From the iconic Essendon jersey  to an array of accessories and apparel, our collection is designed to suit every age, every style, and every kind of Bomber fan. Whether you're cheering from the stands or from your couch, our merchandise ensures you're a part of the game every step of the way. 

Join us at Footy Plus More, where your Bomber spirit is celebrated, your AFL passion is shared, and your loyalty to the Essendon Bombers is honoured. Experience the ultimate AFL fan experience today!

Are You Truly Game Day Ready?

Have you ever felt like you're just a spectator and not part of the game? Imagine stepping into a world where you're not just watching the game but living it. The rush of the crowd, the thrill of the match, the pride in your team - it's all amplified when you're decked out in the right gear. That's where we, at Footy Plus More, step in. We're not just a store; we're your ticket to a heightened AFL experience. 

At our Essendon shop, you'll find more than just merchandise; you'll discover a new way to express your passion. Every Essendon jersey is a symbol of pride and connection, not just a piece of fabric. It's about feeling a part of the team, the community, and the excitement that only AFL can bring. So, are you ready to transform your game day experience? Join us and embody the spirit of the Essendon Bombers like never before!

Dive into the Essendon Legacy

The Journey of the Bombers 

The Essendon Bombers, a team synonymous with victory and valor in the AFL world, have been igniting the field with their passion and skill since 1872. Their rich history is a tapestry of triumphs, challenges, and unyielding spirit. At our Bomber Shop, we offer more than just merchandise; it's a collection steeped in history and brimming with pride. Each Essendon merch is not just a piece of apparel; it's a symbol of the team's enduring legacy. 

Every stripe, every colour on the jersey and jumper tells a story of great games, legendary players, and unforgettable moments. These jerseys have witnessed the highs and lows, the cheers and tears, and the relentless pursuit of glory that defines the Bombers. They embody the spirit of every player who has ever donned the Essendon colours and every fan who has ever cheered them on. Owning a piece of this legacy means more than just supporting a team; it means being part of a tradition that is as old as the AFL itself. For every Bomber fan, young or old, the journey with Essendon is not just about watching football; it's about being part of a story that continues to unfold with every game. 

A Spectrum of Essendon Merchandise 

The heart of a true Bomber beats in the colours of their team. Our extensive Essendon merchandise range is a testament to this undying spirit. From the vintage to the modern, each item is a piece of Essendon's soul, waiting to be a part of your collection.

The Ultimate Essendon Collection

Winter Warriors: Essendon's Cosy Guernsey 

Brace the chill with our exclusive Essendon winter gear. Our Essendon Bombers beanies, hoodies, and polar fleece jackets aren't just about staying warm; they're about igniting the fire of fandom even on the coldest days.

Gifts for Every Bomber Fan

Wondering what to gift an Essendon fanatic? Look no further! Our Essendon shop is filled with unique and thoughtful gift options. From the practicality of a travel mug to the charm of a Bombers footy suit for kids, there's something for every Bomber enthusiast.

Kids' Corner: Young Bombers Unite

The future of AFL lies in its young fans. Our kids' collection, including Bombers shoe laces and apparel, is designed to nurture this budding fandom. Let your kids wear their Bomber pride, whether at school or on the field.

Why Footy Plus More Stands Out

Beyond Just Merchandise

At Footy Plus More, we believe in delivering an experience that transcends the ordinary. Each product is a gateway to feeling a part of the Essendon Bombers' journey, a piece of history in your hands.

A Commitment to Quality and Diversity

Our commitment lies in providing not just variety but the utmost quality. We understand that your love for the Bombers is a passion and a way of life, and our products reflect this ethos.

Vision and Mission: Uniting Bomber Fans

Our vision is not limited to selling merchandise. We aspire to build a community of Bomber fans, united in their love for the game and their team. We aim to spread joy and foster a sense of belonging among fans.

Smart Shopping with Footy Plus More

Shop Essendon merch with Confidence and Joy 

Shopping with us means choosing authenticity and quality. Our products are crafted to honour the legacy of the Essendon Bombers, ensuring that you carry a piece of AFL history with every purchase.

Seamless Shopping Experience

Enjoy hassle-free shopping with our user-friendly online and in-store options. With FREE shipping for orders over $129 and a flat rate for smaller orders, we ensure that your shopping experience is as enjoyable as the products themselves.

Be Part of the Bomber Family

At Footy Plus More, we're more than just a shop; we're a celebration of the AFL spirit. We invite you to join this celebration, to wear your colours proudly, and to live your passion for the game every day. Join the Bomber family with our Bomber Shop, and let's see the Essendon Bombers soar to new heights together!