Carlton Blues Youth Replica Guernsey

Carlton Blues Youth Replica Guernsey

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The Carlton Blues Youth Replica Guernsey is a faithful representation of the official playing jersey worn by the Carlton Football Club in the AFL. Here's a detailed description of this iconic garment:

Design: The guernsey features the classic design and color scheme of the Carlton Football Club, predominantly navy blue with accents of white and a touch of light blue. These colors are arranged in a distinctive pattern across the chest, capturing the essence of the club's identity.

Team Logo: Positioned prominently on the chest of the guernsey is the official Carlton Blues team logo. This emblematic symbol represents the club's heritage, values, and spirit, serving as a powerful expression of pride and allegiance for fans.

Materials and Construction: Constructed from high-quality polyester fabric, the guernsey is lightweight, breathable, and durable. It's designed to withstand the demands of both casual wear and intense matchday action, ensuring comfort and longevity for young fans.

Youth Sizing: Tailored specifically for youth sizes, the guernsey is available in various sizes to accommodate different age groups and body types. This allows young fans to proudly represent the Carlton Blues in a garment that fits them perfectly. Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 14

Official AFL Merchandise: The Carlton Blues Youth Replica Guernsey is officially licensed AFL merchandise, guaranteeing authenticity and quality. By purchasing official merchandise, fans directly support the Carlton Football Club and contribute to its ongoing success.

Overall, the Carlton Blues Youth Replica Guernsey is a must-have item for young fans who want to show their passion for the team in style. Whether worn to games, training sessions, or everyday activities, it's a symbol of pride and belonging for supporters of all ages.